Monday, February 16, 2009

Snowboarding #1

I started snowboarding in 2006 and I loved it. On my very first day, I learned how to go down the hill on my heels. I was excited to go again. We went again that same year, and this time I managed to zigzag down the mountain and even go pretty fast. I liked the speed and I was getting more comfortable with it.

The next year, we went again and it was just like the first 2 times. I loved it. I was a little sore afterwards, but it was totally worth it. I still hadn't learned to get off the lift on my own without falling though.

On Sunday, the BF, his bro, and I went to Cypress. It was the first time the BF & I went in over 2 years, so I was really excited to get back into it.

* All excited after my 1st run. Little did I know what pain was to come...

I had not been exercising, since I usually spend most of my days at my desk studying. I was completely out of shape and it showed. It hurt. A lot.

The 1st time I got off the lift, my knee made a funny popping sound and I had to sit down for a while cuz I was sore. The 2nd time on the lift, I missed the stomp pad area and half did the splits. OUCH. I think I pulled a groin muscle that time. The 3rd time coming off the lift was better. The BF held onto me and I kept my balance, but by that time I was already too tired.

* I was so tired after the first 2 runs, I had to take breaks every few minutes

We're planning to go again next week, so I'm gonna start working out my legs more. Cuz I don't want to feel how I do now again next week. My toes, thighs, back, abs, and arms are sore. I found it very hard to get outta bed this morning.

But it was nice to get back into it. I loved spending the time up on the mountain with the BF. He even started to teach me how to go on my toes. This trip even coincided with a mini anniversary (31 months)!

* The BF & I up on the mountain :)

Oh, and the BF & his bro even ended up on a black diamond run by accident and had a LOT of interesting fun haha. There's even a video!

Next time, my goal is to get off the lift by myself without falling. And to learn how to carve. I think I can do it!! But in the meantime... gotta work out those legs!

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