Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I found this adorable pattern of this red-eyed tree frog and I just HAD to make it. I had just gotten my shipment of eyes from and I bought a few pairs of each of the coloured eyes. So I figured it was time to use my red ones!

Me with my proud accomplishment!

I realize that his eyes should've been bigger, but for now he can be my special lil guy with smaller eyes.

He was so fun to make cuz I got to use pipe cleaners and bend his legs around in diff positions. I even bought a huge skein of orange yarn JUST for this project. I guess I'll make some carrots or something later on. I'm starting to love crocheting food patterns these days!

He was kinda hard to photograph tho. The BF & I had a fun time cuz his legs kept wobbling to and fro. He's sitting on the BF's table right now. (I think he kinda likes the froggie hehe)

Anyways, I haven't named him yet, but maybe u have a good idea? Freddy? Greeny? Red eye-y? I'm horrible with names, so I'm hoping someone else is better at it.

Msg me if you want the pattern! I lost the link to the site, but I downloaded the PDF pattern. Then you can have your own lil green guy too! :)

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  1. omg how awesome!!! another fellow crocheter/crafter!!! i love YOU puwahhahhaha

    I would love to get your frog pattern!! he's sooo cuuute and i love your cupcakes too girl!!! (kimberly.tia [at]

    im soo happy u found lil ol meh -- nice to meet a fellow hooker!