Sunday, February 15, 2009

Out of love - CS & Bear

Sometime last year, I had my sights set on a cross-stitch project for my mom. It started out as a potential birthday gift (Nov). Then it turned into a Christmas gift. Then I got busy with studying and it finally became a Valentine's gift.

This was my 2nd cross-stitch project and I was very proud. Took me forever cuz there was so much black in the picture. I framed it and got SO excited that I gave it to her early.

But it was definitely worth it. My mom loved it. She hasn't hung it up yet, but I know it's tough for her. What do you think?

This year for V-day, the bf & I decided to order some Thai and eat with my mom again. I guess since this was the 2nd year in a row that we did it, we can call it a tradition? I think it makes her feel special :)

- - -

I had a friend fly out from Edmonton this week and I was supposed to meet up with her for dinner. So the night before, I stayed up and crocheted her a lil bear. Her nickname's Princess Squishy Bear (long story), so I figured it was very fitting.

I kinda like the oatmeal colour. It's a nice change from the typical dark brown ones I like to make. I stitched a lil heart and scarf so she could keep warm in Edmonton! My friend said she'd put her right on her desk at work. Yay!

I also just finished up my long-awaited baby hoodie. My first real sale!! I had a few setbacks, but I finally finished it and I'm gonna deliver it tomorrow. I'll post up some pics later. I have a few other projects I wanna post up, but I haven't given those gifts away yet, so I don't wanna spoil the surprise!

Isn't it great to give personalized gifts? ;)

I hope everyone had a love-filled V-day. Spread the love!

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